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Harnessing the Power of High Pressure Water Jetting


Performing high pressure water jetting / Hydroblasting can generate a jet stream velocity greater than a speeding bullet. A safety minded team is an interracial integral and necessary part of any high pressure water jetting operation. Understanding the scope of work, the hazards of the job and adhering to all MOC / variance policy and procedure is critical to insure a safe and successful result. Our technicians and supervisors are fully trained, both classroom and hands-on, before they are certified to work in the field. Wherever applicable automated hands-free technology will be utilized to ensure safe work operations.


From surface cleaning at low pressures to cutting metal at 40,000 psi, K2 Industrial is a leading provider of safe, cost effective and responsive hydro-blasting services. Our equipment includes remotely operated hydro-blasting units for use in virtually any environment. Our technicians are fully trained, both classroom and hands-on, before they are certified to work in the field.

K2 Industrial offers extensive experience and expertise managing:

  • Daily Plant Maintenance
  • Turnaround / Outage Maintenance
  • Flu Gas Desulfurization
  • Dry Hopper Bunker Cleaning
  • Combustible Dust
  • SCR Cleaning
  • Condenser Cleaning

We provide robotic, hands free, state-of-the-art, High Pressure Water Jetting technology in:

  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning (ID and OD; In-Unit and on the Pad)
  • Hydro-cutting (Specialized track systems using various media for critical cuts)
  • Boiler De-slagging
  • Tank, Tower and Vessel Cleaning
  • Air Heater Basket Cleaning
  • Pendants, back pass, firebox, Economizer and cyclones
  • Back pass/Pendant backspace cleaner
  • Air Heaters
  • Grizzly Bar Intake Cleaner
  • Condenser and Water Box ID Cleaning
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Low Pressure ID Cleaning

Our High Pressure Water Jetting Cleaning operations include:

  • Bundle Cleaning – Capabilities range from shell-side cleaning to blast pad operations – no size limitations
  • Tube and Pipe Cleaning – Multiple cleaning head applications combined with rotational cleaning system
  • Flex Lancing – Automated, high speed rotational pipe cleaning system
  • Line Moleing – Ability to clean soft clay tiles to large diameter concrete sections to welded pipe systems
  • High Pressure Specialty Cutting – Capabilities range from simple welded attachment removal to safely cutting door sheets in volatile material storage vessels to specialty cutting operations using tracking systems and specialized media
  • Online Boiler Cleaning – Allows boiler to remain online during cleaning operations